Atqol believes in ‘advancing the quality of life’ by creating world first products that provide authentic solutions to natural problems, in a totally non-invasive way. We aim to bring back an element of authenticity to relaxation. This is reflected through our innovative products, which are in essence, a fusion of cutting edge technology and organic eastern philosophy.


Implied in our memento is the ideal that technology and tradition are co-related.


In our experience, tradition has demonstrated the ability to lead technology. As such, it becomes plausible that technology, in a certain environments, actually becomes dependant upon it. That is, without tradition, technology walks a blind path. This is especially the case for creations that elucidate a message of being organic and authentic.


Our product concepts are totally natural and are held in high esteem. They are regarded as innovated and pioneering, simply because they utilise a tried and tested ancient practice, in an innovative way.

"For some time now I've come to realise that stress and tention levels have played a big part in the condition of my skin and my overall health."

Megan Woodley
ATQOL Company Director

"The acuphoria beauty mask is an authentic solution to a natural problem which gives new breath to an ancient practice and provides you with a modern miracle. Best of all, it only takes minutes a day to ease your mind and relieve your stress."

Richelle Napoli (BP hty)
Technical Advisor and Co developer