stress wrinkles more than just your mind

soothe away stress and revitalise your skin

The acuphoria experience provides equilibrium for both your mind and body allowing you to sustain a more relaxed well-being while enhancing your positive youthful appearance. Solid sterling silver studs positioned on the inside of the mask stimulate three acupressure trigger points on your face to activate your senses, relieve stress, relax your mind and revitalise your deeper skin layers by ncreasing natural collagen levels. Wearing the mask for a maximum of 10 minutes per day will enable optimum results for your skin and improved relaxation.

Apply the mask, relax and breath slowly and deeply. The feeling of a slight pulsation in the facial tissues indicates increased circulation. This allows cells to become fully oxygenated, healthy and revitalised. You’ll soon

feel and see the difference

and so will everyone else.